Cycle Spa Deluxe

You are here: Home / Arrangements / Packages year round Cycle Spa Deluxe from € 572,- for 4 nights Cycle Spa Deluxe - our exclusive spring offer. On the bikes. Ready. Off you go! [...]

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Cycle Spa

You are here: Home / Arrangements / Packages year round Cycle Spa from € 286,- for 2 nights Cycle Spa - our exclusive spring offer. Perfect for couples and friends looking for both relaxation [...]

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Passion for Spa

You are here: Home / Arrangements / Packages year round Passion for Spa from € 589,- for 3 nights Are you carrying around a stress backpack? We take it off. Replace the hustle and bustle [...]

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Midweek Special

Midweek Special from € 358,- per Person for 2 nights Switch off. Take a break from everyday life. Away from the hustle and bustle. With our Midweek Special. That works wonderfully. Bookable from Sunday [...]

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Relax 3 nights – pay 2 nights

Relax 3 nights - pay 2 nights from € 300,- for 3 nights per person Relax 3 nights – pay 2 nightsThe christmas holiday is way too long ago, the summer holiday still too [...]

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Passion for skiing

Passion for skiing from € 725,- for 3 nights Olympic ski jump, FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, New Year’s ski jumping event, the Four Hills ski jumping tournament! The winter sports events in [...]

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Farmhouse – Farmhouse Suite

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Farmhouse – Unique living Farmhouse Suite (Annex) from € 170,- per person A charming refuge with approx. 35 m². In a Bavarian Farmhouse [...]

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Farmhouse – Superior Double Room

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Farmhouse – Unique living Double Room Superior (Annex) from € 135,- per person Approx. 27-30 m² with a chic ambiance. And a luxurious [...]

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Nature – Fountain of Youth Suite

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Nature character - Modern Lifestyle Fountain of Youth Suite from € 225,- per person Comfort and well-being in approx. 40 m². Immerse yourself [...]

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Nature – Mountain Bliss Suite

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Nature character - Modern Lifestyle Mountain Bliss Suite from € 235,- per person A stunning temporary abode with approx. 50 m². Ample room, [...]

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Alpine – Garden Suite

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Alpine – Made for your well-being Garden Suite from € 230,- per person Approx. 60 m² for pure enjoyment. With wooden floor. In [...]

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Alpine – Superior Double Room

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Alpine – Made for your well-being Superior Double Room from € 147,50 per person A charming room with approx. 27-34 m². Featuring a [...]

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Alpine – Junior Suite

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Alpine – Made for your well-being Junior Suite from € 177,50 per person The perfect home away from home with approx. 39-44 m². [...]

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Alpine – Grand Lit Double Room

You are here: Home / Where will I live? / Alpine – Made for your well-being Grand Lit Double Room from € 100,- per person Snuggle and cuddle in approx. 20 m². Alone [...]

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Request – Our non-binding offer

Your holiday request Quick. Simple. Use our easy contact form for your holiday request and we will be happy to submit you an individual offer. Should you have any questions, please [...]

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Voucher Shop

Voucher Shop Surprise your beloved ones. Voucher Shop? Do you want to surprise your beloved ones? A little foretast of relaxation and holiday feeling. You can already give that in advance. [...]

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Family Comforts – Our offer

Staudachers Comforts for Families When will we arrive? Children are never shy about telling the truth. That's why we have listened carefully to what our youngest guests want. And equipped the Staudacherhof accordingly. A [...]

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Family Comforts

Staudachers comforts for families When will we arrive? Our youth room Board games, colouring materials, PlayStation and Wii with games at free disposal A playground with slides, sandbox, climbing tower, [...]

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Team Events

Team Events Shared experiences create bonds. From classic team events to team building. Tailored to your needs. Individually.We will be glad to put together a tailored program for your conference or [...]

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Prices – For the little ones

Prices For the little ones From a great swimming experience in one of the surrounding lakes, over to successful moments in the climbing forest, up to a mountain ride to the [...]

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Room Stüberl – Collecting memories together

Room Stüberl Collecting memories together Right next to the restaurant. Our comfortable parlour. Enjoy a cosy ambiance with privacy. A place all to yourselves. Discussions in BarCamp style. Workshops with maximum [...]

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Staudachers Sports – Stay in shape

Staudacher's Sports Stay in shape. Have fun. Benefit from our varied sports offerings and treat your body to some exercise during your holiday. For example Powerswing in the afternoon. All you [...]

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Spa – From day till night

Staudachers Spa & Spa Packages Indulge experiences from day till night. You will find all of this in our day spa SPA 50 m² (538 ft) indoor pool [...]

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Our Recipes – Delicious & for enhanced wellbeing

Our Recipes Delicious. For enhanced wellbeing. At home. Bayurvedic: Pumpkin & fennel lasagne INGREDIENTS 1 Hokaido Pumpkin (small) 2 fennel 1 onion 2 tomatoes 1 clove of garlic 20g fresh ginger 250ml cream 100ml [...]

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BAYURVIDA® cuisine – healthy and varied

BAYURVIDA® cuisine with Sascha Horst Healthy. Varied. Delicious. During his specialised training as an Ayurveda cook in 2013, Sascha became fascinated with exotic cuisine and discovered its rich diversity. Ayurveda strives [...]

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Gourmet Cuisine – local and international

Staudacher's gourmet cuisine Local & International Vacationing in Bavaria has numerous culinary attractions: Fried beef and onions in gravy with bread dumpling, schnitzel (cutlet) with potato salad or Bavarian Crème. Naturally, you will [...]

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Staudachers Cottage

Cottage Staudacher Holiday accommodation deluxe Staudachers Cottage***** de luxe with an extra helping of wellbeing awaits you in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here, just a 10-minute walk from the Staudacherhof hotel, you will find [...]

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Mountain Time

Mountain Time Guides hikes around the Staudacherhof What would a vacation in the Zugspitz region be without a mountain experience? Whether completely relaxed. Or with summit climbing. Around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the [...]

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Zugspitze Adventures and breathtaking views For many, it is the number one sight in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. An important item on the "bucket list". By locals and long-distance travelers. Germany's highest mountain. And [...]

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The Joys of Winter – Active. Cosy. And more.

The Joys of Winter Active. Cosy. And more. Short days of winter. But endless adventures are waiting. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany’s Winter Sports Resort No. 1. On the mountain. In the valley. [...]

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Your Arrival – This is how you can find us

Your Arrival Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Just outside Munich. By car If you are coming from Munich, take the A 95 freeway (Munich-Garmisch-Partenkirchen) until the end of the freeway and then continue towards [...]

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Staudacherhof – A sense of tradition

Staudacherhof Main Building Feel the sense of tradition. 110 years Staudacherhof – Pride in a long and rich tradition Established over many generations. Well known among the local community. Still [...]

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Pure Wellness at Staudacherhof Living in the moment and taking a break from everyday life - a breeze with us. Our Definition of Wellness Wellness more or less means “good [...]

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BAYURVIDA® our unique and holistic lifestyle “It is time to combine our knowledge and skills with traditional products and thus to be creating something unique”, says hotelier Peter [...]

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Activities & Events

There is never a dull moment! ACTIVE IN EVERY SEASON Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every year again. Always recurring. Always beautiful. Here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The center of the Werdenfelser Land. [...]

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Staudacher's culinary “THE WORLD BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ENJOY IT.” – leopardi Your stay at the Staudacherhof should be an all-round enjoyment. From arrival to departure. We cook [...]

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Our Rooms – An overview

Our houses ALPINE Mountaineers romance. But with style. Alpine lifestyle, so to speak . The colors ... Check availability Room overview FARMHOUSE Rooms with history and aura. [...]

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